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September 11, 2017

Let's Go Fishing Meeting

9/11 6:30 am - 9/11 8:30 am

Let's Go Fishing is a large organization dedicated to provide free boating to older adults, veterans, and the disabled. They were established in 2002, and have served over 160,000 clients. Currently, they have 25 chapters across Minnesota and Wisconsin. If you are interested in helping create a Menomonie chapter, please see the flyer for the upcoming meeting at the Menomonie Family Restaurant (2616 Hills Court) on Monday Sept 11th at 6:30. The founder of Let's Go Fishing, Joe Holm, will be there to discuss bringing this new chapter to Menomonie. 
TMLIA is partnering with our sponsor, Anchor Marine, who just secured a dock space agreement for the 2018 season on Lake Menomin. We are looking forward to expanding this initiative in our community with your help!

September 12, 2017

September Monthly Meeting

9/12 6:00 am - 9/12 7:30 am

Dunn County Government Center-Room 58
800 Wilson Avenue, Menomonie, WI 54751

PURPOSE: Hear agency and committee reports on 2017 goals progress and upcoming plans
6:00-6:05 Introductions
6:05-6:10 Negotiate Agenda
6:10-6:15 Approval of Minutes – Aug 8th 2017

Agency Reports
6:15-6:20 City of Menomonie-Randy Sommerfeld
6:20-6:25 Dunn County Board of Supervisors-Mike Kneer
6:25-6:30 Dunn County Land and Water Conservation-Lindsay Olson/Chris Gaetzke

Committee Reports
6:30-6:35 Outreach-Kate Edenborg
6:35-6:40 Legislative-Dick Lamers
6:40-6:45 K-12 Education-Amber Georgakopoulos & Sarah Freeman
6:45-7:50 Membership-Elizabeth Usborne
6:50-6:55 Treasurer Report-Ben Hartenbower
6:55-7:00 Website-Mike Tomasek

Activity Reports
Aug 15th Women Caring for the Land Event (Liz & Lindsay)
Aug 16th Joint Sustainable Working Group Meeting (Liz)
Aug 19th Farm City Day (Liz, Ben, Cathy)
Aug 26th Clear Lake Eco Fair (Liz)
Aug 28th Farmer-Led Meeting (Liz)
Aug 29th Nutrient Management Workshop (Liz, Mike K.)
Sept 5th & 6th Lakeshore Restoration Training (Liz)
Sept 11th Let’s Go Fishing Meeting

Sept 13th Red Cedar Conference Planning Committee meeting
Sept 20th Civic Governance (Liz & Ron)
Sep 21st North American Stormwater & Erosion Control Association Fall Field Day, Rice Lake
Sept 21st CAFO Forum (Ron)
Sept 27th Red Cedar Demo Farm Field Day
Oct 4th Red Cedar TMDL Partnership Implementation Team (RCWQP) meeting
Oct 10th Wilson Annis Creek Watershed Partnership
Oct 13th Using Rye Cover Crops to Manage Manure Nutrients Field Day, New Auburn
Oct 17th Dunn County Conservation Alliance Meeting
Oct 18th Joint Sustainable Working Group Meeting
Oct 18th Civic Governanace
Oct 21st TMLIA Annual Meeting
Red Cedar Assessment for Water Quality Improvement

7:25-7:30 Meeting evaluation

September 17, 2017

Celebrate the Tyrone

9/17 1:00 am - 9/17 4:30 am

CELEBRATE the TYRONE 991 acre addition to the WDNR’s Lower Chippewa River State Natural Area

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Tyrone Canoe Landing, 3 miles SW of Meridean on Meridean Rd.

1-3 P.M. Tyrone Tours:

Meet at canoe landing at 1 P.M.

  • Car tour with DNR Biologists, Jess Carstens & Dean Edlin.
  • Bicycle tour with Rick Remington, Conservation Director, West Wisconsin Land Trust, Sean Hartnett & Doug Faulkner, UWEC Geography Professors.

(Bring lawn chairs for your comfort during the speeches)

3 P.M. Special Guest Speakers at Canoe Landing:

  • Terry Mesch, Pepin County (Tyrone) historian
  • Mark Stoering, President, WI/MI Xcel Energy
  • Senator Sheila Harsdorf, Jt. Finance Committee member
  • Gary Zimmer, member, Natural Resources Board
  • Steve Rasmussen, Chair, Dunn County Board
  • Wayne Kralewski, Chair, Town of Peru
  • Dave Linderud, member, Lower Chippewa River Alliance

4:30 P.M. Celebration continues in Durand

Join the celebration at the Riverside Grill, 318 W. Main St., Durand.

Appetizers and cash bar.

(Questions: Contact Eleanor Wolf, 715-835-4829)

Event sponsored by Lower Chippewa River Alliance

September 20, 2017

Let's Go Fishing Pontoon Meeting

9/20 6:00 am - 9/20 8:00 am

Let's Go Fishing ( is a large organization dedicated to providing free boating to older adults, veterans, and the disabled.  Thanks to everyone who attended the Let's Go Fishing meeting earlier this week, the effort is moving forward on getting a Menomonie chapter formed.  If you are interested in helping get this exciting new opportunity for our community off the ground, there will be a follow-up meeting next Wednesday, September 20th at 6 pm at the Lamb's Creek boat launch (on Tainter Lake across from Jake's) on a pontoon.  The purpose of the meeting is to determine board members and solidify leadership for the proposed Menomonie Chapter of Let's Go Fishing.

Unfortunately, this project will not go any further until we firmly establish 6 people who will commit to organizing this chapter.  Please network with your friends, family, and co-workers to see if they would be interested.  Volunteers would be expected to have a few free hours per week to dedicate to this cause. They would need to be able to use email confidently, and some experience with working in non-profits, self employed, business leaders, other organizational background, etc. is a plus.

Please respond to if you can you make the Wednesday meeting, or if you can't but are still interested in organizing the new chapter or volunteering with the boating/fishing activities
TMLIA is excited about partnering with our sponsor, Anchor Marine, who has already committed $2,500 and secured a dock space agreement for the 2018 season on Lake Menomin, and we are looking forward to expanding this initiative in our community with your help!

September 21, 2017

CAFO Forum

9/21 6:30 am - 9/21 8:30 am

The League of Women Voters – Greater Chippewa Valley invites you to an educational forum related to the recently completed report from the Dunn County Livestock Study Group and interrelated water issues.  The presenters (and study group members) are: Tom Quinn, County Board Supervisor and PDR Chair,   Ron Verdon, Past President of Tainter Menomin Lake Improvement Association and David Styer, owner of Alfalawn Dairy Farm.  

The presentation will be held September 21, 2017 at 6:30 PM at the Dunn County Judicial Center  615 Stokke Parkway  Menomonie, WI.  This free forum is open to the public.  A complete report is found at:  The League of Women Voters-GCV can be contacted at

September 27, 2017

Red Cedar Demo Farm Field Day

9/27 12:30 pm - 9/27 3:00 am

News & Events SEP 25th

2017 Annual Meeting

Mark your calendars for the TMLIA annual meeting Saturday, October 21st from 10 am-1 pm at Olde Towne Banquet Hall (903 Cedar Falls Rd., Menomonie).  All are welcome, and breakfast and childcare are provided!  There will be awards, activities, and good conversation.  Hope to see you there :)

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Local News SEP 25th

Health care bill teeters, GOP adds money to woo dissidents

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